With a little flair and creativity, the fashion possibilities are endless. This is why I love photography + wardrobe styling.

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MSA Los Angeles, Factor Chosen Atlanta, L.A. Models, Spot 6 Management, Ciotti, Elmer Olsen, Plutino Models, Major Models Milan, Fashion Milan, VN Model Management Greece, BNM.


Jute, Fashionisto, Fave Men, Adon, Nord, Scorpin Jin, Bon Bon, HUFF, Walls, Period, Lucy, Volant (Germany), DNA (Australia), Homotography, Voyeur (Brazil).


Absolut, Whitney Linen, Reitmans, RW&Co, Christopher Bates, Scotch & Soda, Naked Boxer Brief, Roots Canada, American Tall, LuxFindz, Surmesur, just to name a few.

Aidan | Model 

Working with BarringtonOrr was one of the best experiences I have ever had modelling. The editorial "Young Folks" is a spread that has definitely enhanced my book and something I am very proud of, not only for me but for BarringtonOrr.

Barrington's impeccable styling and attention to detail allows for consistently beautiful and eye popping editorials. Not only are these editorials visually amazing, they also provide very helpful and creative style advice. BarringtonOrr has some of the best editorials I have ever seen. 

Represented By: Elite Toronto, Wilhelmina NYC, Fashion MilanSight SpainCore Germany, View South Korea, Bravo Tokyo

Photos: Vai Yu Law | Grooming: Vanessa Bauder

Mateo | Model

Working with Barrington has been a true pleasure. Doing one of my first photo shoots with him as an Elite Model was a great learning experience. His work and creativity definitely boosted my book as a model. Barrington is a master at his craft and a very professional individual to work with; I am definitely looking forward to working with him again in the near future. 


Represented By: Elite Toronto | Photos: Hoyin Siu | Grooming: Laura Lee

Aaron | Model

Barrington has been pivotal in my modeling career with Spot 6 and proven himself to be knowledgable and helpful beyond any expectations. 

He's very critical in what he does but has a charisma about him that allows you to be confident and achieve exactly what is to be expected. I cannot thank Barrington enough and it is always a pleasure working with him.  

Represented By: Spot 6 Management | Photos: Quinton Cruickshanks

Jesse | Model

Barrington Orr was a great mentor for me when I was trying to break into the modelling industry. He made me feel comfortable and helped me develop strategies for interacting with clients, growing my portfolio but mainly sharpened my technical skills. Showing me photos of myself as he worked along side me, he would use his eye for detail to help me expand on my line of posing techniques and improve existing ones. 

Not only did Barrington help teach me how to carry myself on and off set but he has been a long standing industry friend I know I can count on for support and trusted advice if I ever need to consult with someone. If I had to describe Barrington briefly I would say he is understanding of the industry as a whole knowing the behind the scenes operations piece, but also a very nurturing mentor to both young and experienced models. When you combine his skill set, attitude and creative flare the results are undeniable.  I am very lucky to have made such a great connection early in my career.

Represented By: Elite Toronto | Photos: Barrington Orr 

Aaron Chin | Model

It’s hard to know where to begin when writing a review of Mr. Barrington Orr. My experience working with him was so great in so many ways, I’m afraid to leave something out. From our initial contact, Barrington was prompt to respond, accommodating to my needs and wonderfully easy going. Not to mention his attention to detail and unparalleled eye for fashion, he pulled the most amazing clothes for our shoot and was meticulous in making sure everything was perfect and camera ready. On top of all of these things and one of the most important attributes of a great stylist in my opinion is that he was he was amazingly quick with the changes and always at the ready to help with whatever was needed. 

This made my experience feel painless and stress free. From managing a team of artists, to choosing the most amazing looks for shooting and making sure I was looking my best for the camera, Barrington Orr far exceeding my expectations as a model. Barrington I can’t thank you enough for everything you did at our shoot, it was a pleasure working with you and I can’t wait to have you in my corner the next time we’re on set!

Represented By: MSA Models L.A. | Photos: Barrington Orr |

Sebastian | Model

I can truly say Barrington is more than just a talent, he is a person that makes you want to work with him. His skills go far beyond just taking pictures, he has a vision that allows him to see what many others don't when it comes to staging a set, and making a model look their best. Barrington takes the most out of models and transmits that on to the camera through various visual aspects. Whether it be the set, clothing, or the way a model is posing, Barrington knows what works best

Personally, Barrington has helped me develop my skills, he has taught many things I did not know before when it came to posing and expressing my facial features to the full extent. Unfortunately I only had one chance to work with Barrington, but in that one shoot I learned more than I had in the one year I spent modelling prior to working with him. That shows how much of an affect Barrington can have on a model and their career, especially towards new models developing their books. He is a great leader, easy to talk to, never demanding but always helping, and his patience makes you want to listen to him. Barrington is truly an artistic, visual, and loved leader in the modelling world. I look forward to what chances may bring us to work again together in the near future.

Represented By: Elite Toronto | Photos: Barrington Orr


Barrington is a dream to work with. He produces incredible images and never anything less. He is kind, patient, dedicated, but most of all he makes you work. He's not just going to photoshop you into gold. During his sessions you work together to pull magic out of places you didn't know you had.

Photos: Barrington Orr

Nathan | Model

I had the pleasure of doing a photo shoot organized and styled by Barrington, and I can’t wait to do it again! The shoot was smooth, professional and well planned out. We did a shoot wearing RW&CO clothes and they fit perfectly and were very vogue. Throughout the day everyone on site was friendly and had a deep understanding of what they were doing.

Barrington was at the helm of the shoot making sure everything went as planned so that the pictures would turn out awesome. By the end of the day we completed all that was intended and had a fun time doing it. When I saw the shots I loved them and they are still in my book!

Represented By: Elite Toronto, Fashion Milan Photos: Vai Yu Law 

Christopher Bates | Designer 

Barrington Orr has gone above and beyond in promoting my menswear line on their great site. They conducted a interview and organized a very stylish and well executed editorial photo shoot. I look forward to working with Barrington again soon.

Malik + Blair Lee | Represented By: Elite Toronto

Drue | Represented By: Spot 6 Management

Photos By: Ramin Deravain

Sebastian Guarin | Atelier Guarin

I've had the pleasure of working with Barrington on various opportunities, from Fashion editorials to fashion events and parties, and it has been a thrill to combine our talents to great outcomes. 

Barrington provides his expertise and assures great quality work is always presented. He presents his ideas but also keeps in mind another artists' personal taste. The work we have done together has stayed true to my brand identity and overall look, which is extremely important. 

Sebastian Guarin (Atelier Guarin)

Photos: Barrington Orr 

Model : Luke (Spot 6 Management)

Karine Laparé | Public Relations Supervisor | RW&CO

Barrington Orr has been a fantastic supporter of our brand. His unique vision on styling and his knowledge of the fashion industry have been a great contribution to us on the various projects that we have partnered with him on, resulting in very successful endeavours.

Vai Yu Law | Photographer

i have collaborated countless times with Barrington and he never cease to surprise me with his effort and knowledge in fashion. We have produced beautiful and memorable work together all because of cooperative understanding for each others vision, and create it into a reality. 

Barrington is a talented, passionate, hard working and extremely fun to work with! i hope many can experience the aura of enthusiasm and passion he carries with him in every photo shoot, it's contagious! 

Photo : Vai Yu Law | Model : GianMarco (Elmer Olsen) | Grooming: Lisa Arsenault (Pinch Cosmetics)

Hoyin Siu | Photographer 

I’ve had the privilege of working with Barrington over the last year. I was always blown away by his amazing styling. He was professional, well-organized and creative. He had so many ideas and always provided storyboards to show his concepts. He wasn’t afraid to try and stepped out of his comfort zone but at the same time, he accommodated everyone’s vision as a team. Thanks to his compassion and dedication to all of our collaboration. I couldn’t be happier with the results.

AC Hawk | Photographer

Barrington is a consummate stylist with a creatively keen eye for fashion. I love his attention to detail, tireless work ethic and planning precision for complex projects, which drives his demand higher and higher.

Working with him on projects has always been a pleasure because his passion for building captivating images that convey style and freshness shows no end.

The combination of these skills is a rare bird indeed, and I’m always looking forward with working with Barrington again and again.

Photos: AC Hawk | Model: AJ (2Management L.A.)

Brogan Mcnab | Photographer 

Barrington Orr in one simple sentence is: Talented beyond belief. His charisma creates a contagious energy whereby he inspires, ignites and encourages all those who surround him. I have witnessed first hand the passion that fuels him, the creativity which defines him and the resourcefulness that makes him so valuable to any team or project. He is a man whose work ethic, loyal nature and professional attitude have commanded my respect while graciously earned.

Photos: Brogan Mcnab | Model: Brooke ( Wilhelmina NYC + LA) | MUA/H: Jasmine Lee

Hubert Ye Hua | Photographer

I’ve been collaborating with Mr. Barrington Orr for many different projects over the years. He’s been one of my favourite stylists in North America region. He treats every project in a very dedicated and professional manner. His ability to pull from top brands and create amazing looks never ceases to amaze me. I would love to recommend Mr. Orr to all my friends in the industry and beyond. 

Photos: Hubert Ye Hua | Model (s) Pictured L-R: Sam. L , JohnPaul, Reshad, Mackenzie, and Devin| MUA/H: Tahlia Stepka + Darryl De Sousa

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