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Love Me Land

$10.00 CAD

   Natural Editorial Styles for Lightroom, Capture One, and Retouching Brushes

These detailed editorial styles were created by fashion and style photographer, Barrington Photo  Create intense effects and emotional editorials with these incredible Capture One Styles. (check out the matching lr presets here)

This bundle was made for the photographers looking for a unique styles bundle to edit their fashion imagery. The styles will help portray unique tones, clarity, and expression.

Get your editing workflow started with these incredible fashion effects from Barrington Photo

  • 2 Fashion Capture One Styles (Skin Tones, Intense Detail, and Fashion/Portrait)
  • 5 Fashion Natural Light  Presets for Lightroom (Skin Tones, Intense Detail, and Fashion/Portrait)
  • 9 Retouching Brushes, everything from freckles, to hair removal brushes, to pore control and texture control, y'all going to love these


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